Join Our Exclusive SLIC Referral Program

Are you tired of paying for marketing and not having a clue what you are actually paying for? What about paying for SEO, social media, PPC, and all those other methods and not seeing any ROI?

Well we hear you loud and clear, and that is why we started our exclusive SLIC Referral Program. We have developed a proprietary system that generates read hot leads for numerous industries, and we send those leads EXCLUSIVELY to our referral partners. That means we send YOU and YOU ONLY phone calls right to your phone DIRECTLY from customers that are looking for your service right now. We will only work with ONE business in a particular service area and that’s it. So once we start routing our calls to a business in a particular area, there is no opportunity to join in that area. That’s right, the area is locked up by that business and will not open up again until that business tells us they don’t want the red hot calls anymore.

These are not cold referrals that have been sent to 3 or 5 of your competitors, or referrals that have shown interest in the past. These are customers that have seen our ads from our proprietary system, and actually dialed the number in our add and they want to do business now. All you need to do is close them and collect your money.

Now, this program is not for everyone, you need to agree to do a couple things before we will accept you into our network:

  1. That you make sure you answer every phone call that comes from a customer in our network during your business hours. Can handle all of that?
  2. Each month, you let us know the number of customers our referrals delivered you,  so we can keep track of your success and to make sure that we are sending you nothing less than the best customer referrals. Will you agree to that?

We also record all the phone calls and provide you with a report at the end of the month.

Here’s how it works, you pay a one time fee up front to secure your spot. That up front fee covers you for the first 10 referrals we send you as well as the set up fee. After we have sent you the first 10 referrals, each month after that you pay a one time fee for each referral we send up to your approved number of referrals for that month. That’s all its that simple, no catch just quality EXCLUSIVE referrals with PROOF just for your business.

The SLIC referral program is currently open in limited markets for limited business types. To see if you qualify for our program you can set up a no obligation 15 minute phone consultation by clicking the link below.

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